Interactive Class Reflections

Interactive Class Reflections are a means for you and I to communicate your progress, needs, and joys & concerns. I see these reflections as integral in making this course cater better to you and your needs.
Reflections should be emailed to me before the due dates indicated on our schedule. You will do this 3 times throughout the semester. I am not very strict about the contents of the reflections, but they should contain at least 3 sections.
  1. What I have learned/have found interesting
    1. Please don't make this a summary of the topics we covered. Talk about a couple things that were new for you.
  2. What I want to learn (next steps)
    1. Don't just tell me what it is. Tell me how you plan to do it.
  3. How I am doing in the course.
These should be less than 1 page. However, this is difficult to assess in an email message, so make your best guess. 3 or 4 paragraphs should be fine.