Microsoft Word comes with reviewing features that allow users to collaborate on Word documents. These features enable an editor to make changes and comments to a paper. These changes and comments can then either be accepted or rejected by the author. In this way, editors never really change a paper, but make suggestions that are embedded in the document. This leaves the paper in tact and gives the author the control over which changes she/he agrees with.

The following are some resources that you can use for help with the reviewing features:
  1. Finding Eden ( - students in my summer CALL class in the summer of 2005 developed this tutorial as part of their WebQuest assignment.
  2. Microsoft Audio Tutorial ( - This is available on the Microsoft website. There are some pictures and text as well as an audio component that walk you through the reviewing features.
  3. Dan's Video Tutorial ( - This is a video tutorial that I created this summer to help students with the reviewing features. This might be a little slow on dial-up connections.

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