I could have spent several weeks looking at and evaluating WebQuests. I enjoy thinking through my work and viewing a wide variety of experiences. Mr. Maas, the author of this WebQuest does a very fine job of presenting this project very clearly. He has obviously put a lot of work and thought into the outcomes and step of this WebQuest. My suggestions were mainly aesthetic in nature because the content was very rich and meaningful. I wish he had put a link to completed projects to see what the students had been able to accomplish through this project. The site was easy to navigate, clear in its purpose, and the projects were interesting. One final thought, I think I might have begun the unit of study with a reading of my own favorite children’s author and with I liked the author. Was it the text, illustrations, etc. Maybe the teacher could use a graphic organizer and make a listing of all the authors and fill in the information throughout the project. The culminating activity could be a class reading of these authors and students choices of books.