Dan Craig's Wiki

I thank Wikispaces for this space. It was provided for free to all Edublog members and I really appreciate it. I think that I'm going to begin using this quite a bit.

About Me

My name is Dan Craig and I am an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea.

I am also a doctoral student at Indiana University in Language Education and Instructional Systems Technology. I have been there longer than I care to recount and I'm looking forward to making progress on my dissertation one of these days.

What I do

I currently teach English at Seoul National University, Yongun Campus (medical school campus). We offer conversation courses as well as academic presentation skills, academic writing, and pronunciation. Our students are primarily researchers in the medical field, though many are medical, dental, nursing, administration/policy, and biomechanical engineering students as well as clinical physicians from the university hospital. The program has a strong focus on academic English skills due to the learners need for international publication and presentation for academic and professional advancement.

I have also been know to teach a Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) course for Indiana University. This is the course that will utilize this wiki most of all. This is not your father's CALL class. It heavily focuses on computer-mediate communication rather than computer-automated feedback. While this approach has its place and there is exciting work in this area it is not what I choose to focus on. The potential and ease with which learners can interact with people online has shifted the dominant paradigm from an emphasis on better algorithms for human-computer interaction to better communication tools for human-human interaction. This also happens to fit nicely with the emphasis current in language learning on communication over form.

Check it out

Take a look around. There's not a coherent navigation system in here yet. I'd suggest starting with the navigation on the left to get to major areas in the wiki, then work from there. This is a living, breathing document, so be prepared for a little messiness.